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Time Out For Mom

By Shawn Marie Watson, Chestermere Lifepath Wellness Centre

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As a Mom, sometimes, I think women forget that it is okay to take time out the day for ourselves! When I find myself doing something silly such as reading a magazine from cover-to-cover, I can’t help but feel guilty because the laundry that has been piling up for the last week should be the priority. I actually have a saying, β€œif I had time to read a book, the world would be ending because that would mean I have everything on my to-do list done.” Breaking the pattern of feeling ashamed and guilty might be difficult however, finding a balance between our daily routine and the time required to treat ourselves needs to become a priority.

Why We Need Time For Ourselves

Finding time for yourself everyday is important because it is a chance to remind yourself that you do deserve to have a chance to find enjoyment in something you are interested in. Removing the guilt that we often feel about this should be the first step, but it is certainly not easy. We have to remember that life will not stop because we failed to finish every single task on our list. The physical impact that guilt and stress have on our lives, as a result of not taking time for ourselves can result in insomnia, digestive problems, and anxiety. Reducing or eliminating these symptoms by increasing happiness and positivity impacts your health in a beneficial way.

When I was challenged to think about things that I would do for myself each day, I struggled to come up with an answer. Realistically, it’s impossible to get my nails done everyday or have a massage once a week so what could I possibly do for myself? What I didn’t consider was the bigger picture.

I decided to start by making a list of ideas, and jotted down the obvious things that I enjoy; such as getting my hair and nails done, but as I continued to write things down, I started to remember the interests that I had forgotten over the years. Learning a new language was something I had always been interested in doing. Designing and planting a new perennial garden was long overdue. As my list grew, I was excited to find ways to incorporate these ideas into my daily life.

One of the easiest ways to start finding time in your day is to make an appointment with yourself! Book time in your calendar and respect the time you have set aside for yourself. Whether it’s five minutes or an hour, committing to the time you reserve for yourself makes it easier to plan the rest of your day. Setting goals gives us another reason to take time out of our day to accomplish them. Reaching and achieving the goals you set reaffirms your decision to take time necessary to complete the task, and also encourages you to continue building on your interests.

Some of the following ideas are simple ways to begin making time in your day for yourself:

The time you find for yourself initially might start out small at first, but as you begin to realize the positive impact that it has often your life, discovering even more time each day will become easier every step of the way towards improving yourself. Prioritize YOU – you deserve it!

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