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Wellness Rocks Chestermere!

By Dr. Jed Snatic, Lifepath Wellness Centre

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I’d like to start by introducing myself as Dr. Jed Snatic. I am a dentist and have lived and practiced dentistry in Chestermere for over fifteen years. I am excited to present the first, of many articles that will offer Chestermere and the surrounding community a wealth of health and wellness information. The articles will equip people with insight, tools, and knowledge to empower residents to better take care of themselves and their families.

This column will be a gateway for the healthcare providers at Chestermere Lifepath Wellness to offer their expertise and experience to readers. Each Blog will feature a different department and aspect of our wellness center consisting of dentistry, orthodontics, dental hygiene, acupuncture, massage, laser aesthetics, dermatology and skin care, chiropractic services, individual and family counseling and naturopathic information. The intention of the column is to help foster a healthier community.

These wellness articles will be another step in the evolution of building a healthier and informed community. In addition to providing the best care for our patients, these articles keep you on the path to true wellness.

Hundreds of local residents state they are unaware of the multitude of specialty services at Lifepath. No need to endure the city traffic and parking when we provide most services here in the β€˜City of Chestermere.’ Please Shop Local!

We are staffed with highly experienced professionals who are open six days/week from 8am-8pm, 8am-5pm Fri/Sat. The initial articles will focus on Lifepath’s Services and our growing facility. The subsequent articles promise tips and wellness information.


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Flossing daily can add on average over 6.4 years to your life. The reason is, flossing lowers your risk of gingivitis and gum disease. People with gum disease have a 23-40% higher mortality rate. This is due to bacteria entering the bloodstream which may cause serious immune responses that can initiate future heart attacks, strokes and a whole series of life-shortening effects.

Follow us as we will have future tips and tools to help combat gum disease.

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