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Office Policies

At Lifepath Wellness, we recognize the value of time and prioritize punctuality for our patient’s appointments. We strive to make sure that nothing disrupts our patient’s busy schedules or important appointments, so they have one less thing to worry about. Our top priority is allowing our patients to spend more time leading happy, healthy lives and less time in waiting rooms. We kindly ask for that same respect from our patients towards our staff.

We are open 7 days a week, Monday - Saturday, and we are pleased to offer extended office hours most days for the wide variety of services we provide. This allows our patients the flexibility to enjoy our high-quality services, gentle care, and respectful chairside manner when it is convenient for them. The concept has proven to be successful, and we are forever expanding our services to better serve the community.

We kindly request that you provide us with 48 hours notice to make any changes to an already-scheduled appointment.

Our team at Lifepath Wellness makes a concerted effort to assist in the development of a world-class healthcare system. We can offer insight and experience in running an efficient and effective healthcare delivery system. We are very proud of our accomplishments to date, and our footprint has only just begun. Stay tuned!

We offer over 300 Dental, Medical, and Wellness services in one convenient location. One Stop Wellness is a concept that proudly existed for over 60 years (est 1953).

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